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On this page you will find an overview of the materials you may/can use on your website, in a publication, school report, et cetera and the conditions thereof.

  • If you wish to link to this website, you can do so without my (prior) permission. Should you or the owner of the website require my permission first by means of a form, please send it to me and I will sign it.
  • If it concerns only a couple of articles of images (found in the Image Gallery) you can use them without asking my permission first. However, for each item used you must mention this website as the source of the item (ie. "Copyright © 1995 - 2005 Encyclopedia Mythica. All rights reserved."). Another requirement is that the name of the author of an article remains intact. You may reformat the page (fonts, colors) to fit your own needs.

Should you require a substantial amount of articles and/or images, please contact me in advance. More information can be found in the copyright notice and the citation guidelines.