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by Stephanie Haas
Wak is the Ethiopian supreme god. He lives in the clouds and keeps the heavens at a distance from the earth. He is a benefactor god and covered the heavens with stars. The earth was once flat, and Wak asked man to build him a coffin and shut Wak up inside of it. Man did, and Wak buried the coffin. He made fire rain down, which formed the mountains, for seven years. He then sprang forth, completely alive, upon the place where the coffin was buried. He thought he had slept for a short moment, when in reality, it had been years. This is the reason man sleeps during the night and awakens for daytime. Eventually, man got lonely. Wak took some of his own blood and formed a woman for the man to marry. They had thirty children, but were ashamed and hid half of them. Wak became angry and changed the fifteen hidden children into demons and animals

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