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by Micha F. Lindemans
The creator god who sent his four sons into the world. He wished them to return, but they wanted to stay, and Earth, too, tried to keep them. Sno-Nysoa then used his powers and took his sons back to heaven. In the morning, when they did not wake up, he said to the Earth: "I have called them home. I leave their bodies with you." Since that time, he has used his power to take man away from the world. The way back is also blocked because of the Earth's attempt to keep the divine children.

Before the quarrel, however, mankind did not know sickness, suffering and death, and they were uncertain what to do now. The solution they thought of was to send a cat to the medicine-man to obtain a remedy that could cure the sick and awake the dead. The cat successfully obtained the medicine but upon her return she came across a river. Putting the medicine on a tree stump, she took a bath, and subsequently forgot all about her errand. The humans sent the cat to look for the medicine but she was unable to find it back. The cat then went back to the medicine-man again. He was angry with the cat and said that 'thereafter, though a tree be cut, if the stump remain, the tree will grow again; but when men die, it will be the end.'

A myth current in Liberia.

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