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Hindu mythology

The following images are available:

  1. Avaloketishwara
    Redeemer of Humanity. [Statuette; 11kb]
  2. Brahma
    One of the great Hindu gods. [Statuette; 13kb]
  3. Ganesha
    The deity of good fortune, new ventures, wisdom, and removal of obstacles. [Statuette; 19kb]
  4. Ganesha
    The Hindu god deity of good fortune. [Statuette; 20kb]
  5. Hanuman
    The symbol of Devotion and Service. [Statuette; 9kb]
  6. Kali
    The Hindu goddess of dissolution and destruction. [Statue; 55kb]
  7. Kali
    The Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction. [Statuette; 7kb]
  8. Pashupati
    A Hindu deity. [Carving; 15kb]
  9. Vishnu
    One of the major Hindu gods. [Statuette; 11kb]

Number of images in this area: 9.

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