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The following images are available:

  1. Basilisk
    The mythical king of the serpents. [Illustration; 5kb]
  2. Gargoyle
    Monstrous water spouts. [Statuette; 14kb]
  3. Green Man
    Foliate head. [Mask; 15kb]
  4. Green Man
    Foliate head. [Carving; 13kb]
  5. Griffin
    A legendary monster, half-eagle and half lion. [Illustration; 7kb]
  6. Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper. [Painting; 16kb]
  7. Incubus
    A male demon who visits women in their sleep. [Illustration; 26kb]
  8. Jabberwock
    A dragon-like creature, but actually the name of a poem by Lewis Caroll. [Illustration; 10kb]
  9. Kelpie
    The treacherous Scottish water-devil. [Illustration; 28kb]
  10. Kludde
    A Flemish water-spirit. [Illustration; 27kb]
  11. Kraken
    An enormous sea monster from Norwegian sea folklore. [Painting; 56kb]
  12. Nisse
    A Scandinavian household spirit. [Drawing; 12kb]
  13. Sasquatch
    The north-American mythical Sasquatch (Bigfoot). [Photograph; 19kb]
  14. Sea Serpent
    Imaginary snake-like creatures that inhabit the deep. [Illustration; 21kb]
  15. Sluagh
    A horde of evil spirits. [Illustration; 25kb]
  16. Witches
    A medieval representation of witches. [Engraving; 61kb]

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