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These are the areas which are currently available in the Encyclopedia Mythica. Click on one of the links below or use the quick-jump menu on the right to directly go to the area of your choice.

The mythology area is divided in 6 geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania.
Special areas: Other mythologies and All mythologies.

Folklore from all over the world, including cryptozoology.
Contains general folklore, Arthurian legend, and folktales.

A bestiary with legendary and mythical creatures.

The most famous heroes and heroines from many cultures, among which Greek, Japanese, and Norse.

Image gallery
Hundreds of images of deities, heroes, and creatures from many mythologies.

The genealogy tables of various pantheons and prominent Houses.

Featured items
Area with various interesting mythology and folklore related items, such as Witchcraft and the Arabian Nights.

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